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When I’m working on fiction, I only work on genres I enjoy reading and am familiar with. For example, I don’t read sci-fi or horror so I don’t edit books in those genres.

Genres I love:

Other subjects

Animals (behaviour, welfare), earth sciences, education (pre-school, early years, primary, secondary), English language, English and Scottish literature, the environment (conservation, nature, wildlife, birds, birdwatching, ornithology, countryside), geography, history, humanities, people (midwifery, parenting, child development, pregnancy and childbirth, relationships, self-help), psychology, mental health (anxiety, depression), religion (Christianity), social sciences (crime/criminology, sociology), horses (dressage, show jumping), gymnastics

Sunset on Mull, by Jane Hammett
© Jane Hammett

‘Jane copy-edited the first book in my new young adult series. Jane is an outstanding editor, professional and thorough. Her advice spans structural and conceptual matters as well as extremely detailed items of style, grammar, etc. Jane completed the work ahead of time and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I have learnt a lot from her and hope to work with her again.’