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Fantastic Female Adventurers, by Lily Dyu

Case study: Lily Dyu

Lily contacted me after she had written the first draft of her book on women adventurers. We discussed her aims for her book. She wanted to improve her writing skills, and we discussed how I could help. I mentored Lily and gave her feedback on her work. Her book Fantastic Female Adventurers was published a year later. After that, I suggested that Lily contact an agent I knew. She did, and the agent loved the idea of Lily’s book – and Lily’s writing. Her next book, Earth Heroes, soon followed.

Case study: Naira Khan

Problem: the author wasn’t sure if her book was a non-fiction self-help book or a work of fiction. She’s a psychologist, so she’s used to writing formal non-fiction reports, and she had to learn to write as a fiction author.

Solution: I carried out a developmental edit to point out ‘bigger picture’ issues, such as characterisation (we needed to find out more about the main character by seeing her thoughts), dialogue (many characters used formal speech, which sounded a little stilted), point of view, and genre.

The author thought about my report and worked on her book, then sent me the revised manuscript for copy-editing. Afterwards, she said: ‘You have been a wonderful support and I have learnt to write better from you.’

It was a pleasure to work on Naira’s book. It’s an important book and I hope it will raise awareness of the issues affecting girls and women around the world.

Black Girl Finance, by Selina Flavius

Case study: Selina Flavius

I copy-edited Selina’s first book, Black Girl Finance. I also made structural suggestions, such as to add case studies and a section on side hustles to make readers feel as if they could change their finances and give them some ideas for making money.

Afterwards, Quercus editor Alison MacDonald said: ‘I can’t say how much I appreciated your thoroughness and attention to detail throughout your copy-edit. The way you so thoughtfully engaged with the text has really reassured me. Thank you.’

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